Rahul Hotel Tipeshwar

Address: Near "Y" Point, Hyderabad Road, national Highway No.7, Pandarkavada Dist. Yavatmal - 445302    Reservation Line: 7774948886 / 9422166973

Best Hotel in Tipeshwar

Best Hotel in Tipeshwar

Tipeshwar natural life sanctuary is situated at Pandarkawada Tehsil , in the area of Yavatmal , Maharashtra . Here you find many hotels maybe the best hotel in tipeshwar .

The sanctuary covers a range of around 148.63 sq . kms and possesses large amounts of vegetation . There are different towns situated around the area and therefore individuals rely on upon the jungle for firewood , timber and so on . The place is very sloping and undulated and accordingly has distinctive sorts of vegetation that shifts with the elevation . Fauna – The place protects a wide cluster of creatures that incorporate Black buck, Hyena, Chital, Sambar, Jackal, Bear, Peacock,Wild hog, Monkey, Neel guy, felines and some more. The place easily accessed by Rail – The nearest station is situated at Adilabad (35kms).

Air-The nearest terminal is situated at Sonegaon, Nagpur (172kms).

By road – The sanctuary is effortlessly available by means of road through Pandharkawada.

Best Season to visit is in summers specially during the months of April-May.

The Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is like a “Green Oasis” in the southern most part of the Maharashtra State and has an incredible importance from the perspective of untamed life and bio-assorted qualities preservation. This haven is secured in the arms of the nature and is embellished with scenic beauty with, lush vegetation and a welcome sight to sore eyes which the nature provides. This haven epitomizes one of the best of forests, in the remote region of Yavatmal.

The rooms in the hotels are fabulous. They are clean and airy with clean beds and linen that is changed regularly. The joint bathrooms are furnished with 24 hrs supply of hot and cool water. The room has furniture and courtesies like indoor regulator , cooling , supply of water , tea and coffee . There is great benefit of house keeping which is very dependable. The best hotel in tipeshwar additionally have in house restaurants that oblige all your gastronomical needs and titillate your taste buds by serving the most fresh and delicious food prepared with lot of care and love.

With all its beauty and nature it is a place that ought to be visited at least once by every one. A place that is truly closest to nature in its full glory.

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