Rahul Hotel Tipeshwar

Address: Near "Y" Point, Hyderabad Road, national Highway No.7, Pandarkavada Dist. Yavatmal - 445302    Reservation Line: 7774948886 / 9422166973

Top Hotels in Pandharkavada

Top Hotels in Pandharkavada

After reaching Pandharkavada I was confronted with the dilemma of a place to stay as it was an off the cuff trip, I had not done any appointments, bookings etc. because I wanted to feel the surge of adrenaline and also I was all alone. I picked up one of the top hotels in Pandharkavada, a lodging with all the comforts and civilities of any good hotel that one can find.

I was welcomed with a lovely ambiance and warmth the moment I ventured in. A genuine treat to a tired explorer like me. It was a genuine desert garden, an oasis in the desert of tiredness and I was absolutely smittened by these top hotels in Pandharkavada.

The hotel was a luxurious new generation type of hotel with all the amenities. The genuine upside being that it is very easily accessible to all. It is only few minutes away from the main street and you can without much of difficulty get to the town’s strategic zones and areas, specially the Tipeshwar natural life sanctuary.

The lodging has quite a few rooms to choose from and which have been very elegantly designed without trading off the peacefulness for the visitors.

Alternate attractions the lodging brings to the table and incorporates round the clock room service of superior quality, relaxation areas, and much much more to keep the guest happy and satisfied.

Every single of the necessities of the visitors are dealt with a sympathetic touch 24 hours of the day with no trade off or any kind of compromise.

All the rooms are airy, open and cool, have a satellite TV, direct dialing which was so imperative for me, small fridge which was stocked with water and lot of juices and cold drinks, electronic safe, 24 hours room service, laundry, actually the list can continue endlessly.

It gave the occupants all the pleasures that a good hotel gives however it was finished with excellence and beauty. It was an experience where all the luxuries and comfort are combined to offer ascent to extravagance . Each demand was met and finished with style and was immaculate to a “T”.

So next time you are searching for an extraordinary place to stay in Pandharkavada you need not worry there are some brillant hotels here.

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